A Deliquent in New York Movie Screening

Johany born into a poor zuliana family. Very young left fatherless and the economic situation worsens critically. His mother advised him go to work in Caracas to help the family. Once Johany reflects that in their homeland can only goad the situation with small attempts at larceny, he decides to go to Caracas where, seeing that some criminals tried rape a young girl on the second floor of a building under construction, He decided to confront to let free the girl. After a strong fight two against one, Johany is thrown into the void and will fall at the feet of a young man, but is incorporated in the act. This amazes the young wanderer who was impressed, decided baptize Johany as "Arcangel".

Thus was born Arcangel and a great friendship between him and this young man who was engaged in activities outside the law. Drug packages carried his boss, Bluebeard, to its customers. Thus Arcangel his first "job" gets in Caracas.

The outstanding and courageous action of Arcangel gives him fame in the underworld of crime and how he gets the commission of a drug dealer named Peter from New York, which was to recover a commodity that had been delivered but not paid. Arcangel does this so cleanly and Peter is in the order of Arcangel thereafter.

Barbazul wanted to grow their businesses and invented a big heist attending along with his entire band, including Arcangel. The hit goes wrong. The police arrive and in middle of a big shootout drop shot all men of Barbaazul except Arcangel, who cunningly manages escape, but the next day is the lead story in every newspaper, pointing him as the person most wanted by the security forces and this is the reason that compels Arcangel to call and request help from Peter, who gladly takes him to New York, where the activities of Arcangel will remain the same: drugs, but this time in the "big leagues."

The largest drug trafficking networks in New York are of the Chacal and Peter, for which works Arcangel who has fallen love with the niece of Peter who is asked to leave the world of crime and marry her to form a decent and normal family. This will not be possible since the rivalry between the band of the Chacal and Peter reaches the level of a bloody confrontation in which just goes except, as always, Arcangel. But this time and in this city, he is not saved from bars, behind which emerges in the spirit of repentance severe Arcangel having traveled crooked ways and deep reflections become righteous advice.

So far this story, but the story does not end here Arcangel, because his love is waiting outside and his sentence is not life, but that's another story.