Collaborate Harlem

Presented by Abernathy magazine and wework, Collaborate Harlem featured 9 individuals who are making a difference in different ways in Harlem. They either reside, work, was born, or affiliated in a strong way with Harlem.  The panel discussion was any and everything Harlem related from societal issues, to the best places to hang out at. Check out a small clip below in addition to the full live-stream recording of the discussion. Panelists included:

Willie Jackson (Abernathy) [Moderator]
Teri Johnson (Harlem Candle Company)
Neal Ludevig (Harlem Arts Festival)
Carra Patterson (Actress)
Mike Street (Smart Brown Voices)
John Henry (Area VC)
Ivo Philbert (The Jackie Robinson Foundation)
Jonathan Jackson (Blavity)
Mary Pryor (Urban Socialista)